Charming Sculptures of birds from pieces of skin

French art duo Zim & Zou for several years successfully cooperates with a network of trendy shops Hermès. Recently, the Shanghai designers Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann presented a collection of sculptures created from scraps of leather. Peacock, owl, hummingbirds and other “birds” were displayed in the window of a shopping center.

The duo Zim & Zou often in their projects to raise awareness of topical issues.


“Leatherface” creative art duo Zim & Zou


Birds from the skin of the art duo Zim & Zou

With brand Hermès designers also worked previously. In a shopping center in Hong Kong a few years ago they presented the installation «The Eternal Jungle», under which created a lot of skin samples of African flora and fauna. At this time in Shanghai decided to focus their attention exclusively on birds.Drew inspiration from the exhibits in the Museum of Natural History and the cabinet of curiosities, this has contributed to the architecture of a historic building, which houses the boutique.

All sculptures are hand-made from scraps of leather, which remain in the production of fashion accessories Hermès. According to the designers, his best work they feel “stuffed” Peacock, whose height reaches 1.5 m. The artists strive to convey the nature of this proud bird, and her elegance.


Birds from the skin of the art duo Zim & Zou


Peacock sculpture from pieces of skin

Besides peacock, the collection features an owl, golden pheasant, hoopoe and hummingbirds. Each work required a lot of effort and time. For example, on the production of peacock designers have worked 15 days. Interestingly, the “collect” feathered tail and begin to gradually reach the head, the designers claim that it is an exciting process, because the “acquaintance” with the appearance and character of the bird occurs only in the final.


Storefront Hermès

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