“Clap your hands only”: The rules of conduct in theaters 100 years ago

These amusing pictures-warning indicates silent films before, to remind the public the basics of etiquette. Glass slides projected onto the screen fabric, while the staff changed the cinema with the film reel. People who came to see Charlie Chaplin or Greta Garbo on the big screens, were instructed to remove their hats, refrain from smoking inside the building and “clap hands only.”





These vintage images are not only fun, but also quite curious in terms of fashion, culture and etiquette of the time. Today’s rules require coming to theaters in shirts and shoes, avoiding the kind of beach, and prohibit the use of mobile phones.The difference, of course, is obvious. Nevertheless, this small collection of slides showing the era of elegance and formality in behavior when men and women dressed to the nines, the worst disgrace in society had forgotten to remove his hat, going to the cinema. Photos are stored in the archives of the Library of Congress, and were brought to light for the creation of the book ” Silent Cinema: The Birth of the film and the triumph of film culture . “