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22-year-old photographer from the Netherlands, Siebe Varmoeskerken makes images bright and talented, his work proving that you can shoot beautiful and to present it would seem absolutely trivial things.
Presenting you a small but colorful Sequence young photographer named “Cookie Splash!”


Coffee splashes 1. The young Dutchman Varmoeskerken Siebe, driven by his childhood dream became a carpenter, but in 2006, the year became interested in photography.
Coffee splashes

2. Today, the 22-year Siebe, whose work can be seen on his website, has a studio De Vetpan studios.Sometimes he takes a photo studio for rent .

Coffee splashes 3. He became known in the network due to its atmospheric images with delicate nuances.
Coffee splashes 4. When creating his works Siebe uses only natural light, making it possible to achieve such amazing colors.
Coffee splashes 5. “The main thing – to catch the right moment and see the next picture in advance”, – said Siebe.
Coffee splashes 6. Photos Siebe captivate viewers with its colors, simplicity and naturalness.

Coffee splashes

7. His photo series Cookie Splash! gained the greatest popularity in the Internet and initiated this network coffee flashmob .

Coffee splashes 8. Pictures of the series – a fine example high-speed images (with short exposures).