Colorful Water

Artist Mark Mawson of London dripped paint into the water and filmed the wonderful result in the camera. Mark  says “Most of all I like the picture with the blue ” fungus. ” This is one of my first shots, “.

1101 Colorful water
1. Some people see  poisonous toadstools in this photos, some said “fungus”, after a nuclear explosion, but these photos are taken by just a picture paints that had fallen into the water.
248 colorful water
2. Creative 42-year-old photographer creates pictures and interesting photos for 22 years but only recently he discovered this method of creating bubbles in the water and stains.
340 colorful water
3. Mark is specialized in underwater photography.
429 colorful water
4. For these shots, he just took the paint of different colors and poured it into the water and took  results in the camera
526 colorful water

5. The difference in the density of different types of paint creates a different unimaginable forms in water.


623 colorful water
6. His work has been seen by art connoisseurs in Hong Kong, and Mark hopes to make  these photos, a new illustrated book.
723 colorful water
7.  Mark Says  “I received excellent feedback about the work. Viewers can see all kinds of things in my photos, it all depends on perception, “.
816 colorful water
8. Mark must be on guard all the time and be ready in time to press the button, because these forms are quickly dissolved in water.
916 colorful water
9. “This is a very laborious process, but the result is worth it.”
1020 Colorful water

10. Here, this shot especially look like fungus after a nuclear explosion .

1120 Colorful water
11. Here is the author, Mark Mawson.