You will never catch Cold again while using a PC

The creator of this unusual favors states that its creation – is nothing more than a hoodie laptop, providing privacy in public places and help warm up sitting at a computer.



When you first look at this thing is quite difficult to guess what it is. A lady named Becky Stern (Becky Stern) , probably tired of the look over his shoulder at the monitor associated hybrid sweaters, socks and mittens. In this unusual thing to hide from others, taking with him a laptop.


Technology solitude more than simple. First in Laptop Compubody Sock , is the name of an unusual thing, created Becky Stern, put your laptop, then the head, and then his hands. Voila – privacy is assured. First, no one can see what the person inside Compubody Sock, and secondly, you can still and warm.


It is possible that “notebook sock” appeared under the influence of “ostrich pillow” designed for people who are very tired at work. But if the pillow – a commercial project, the Compubody Sock inimitable and unique.

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