Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler – Lovely Lady

Woman rescued more than 2,500 children from the camp, working as a nurse every day, she took out a bag on one child, risking their lives every day!
During WWII, Irena Sendler – employee of the Warsaw Department of Health and a member of the Polish underground organization – the Council for Aid to Jews (Zegota) – often visited the Warsaw ghetto, where she help for sick children. Under this cover, she and her companions were taken from the ghetto 2500 children who were further transferred to the Polish orphanages in private families and monasteries.
Infants were given sleeping pills, placed in small boxes with holes so they do not suffocate, and exported in the machines which brought to the camp disinfectants. Some children are withdrawn through the cellars of houses directly adjacent to the ghetto.Used for shoots and drain manholes. Other children carried in bags, baskets, cartons.
Infants she hid in a crate of tools, older children – under a tarp in the back of a truck. Also, in the back sat a dog trained to bark when the car admitted to the ghetto or discharged therefrom; according to another version, the dog sat in the cab, and the driver when leaving the gate was advancing on her paw, the dog barked. Dog barking noise or muffled cries emitted by babies.
Irena Sendler recorded data of all the rescued children into narrow strips of tissue paper and hid the list in glass bottle. The bottle was buried under an apple tree in the garden of a friend, with a view to locate the relatives after the war children.
October 20, 1943 arrested by anonymous denunciation. After the torture, she was sentenced to death, but she was saved: the guards who accompanied her to the place of execution, were bribed. In official documents it was declared beheaded. Until the end of the war, Irena Sendler was hiding, but continued to help Jewish children.

Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler war poland

Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler - Lovely Lady