Crazy things that happen in Japan normally

Japan has always Been Famous for the FACT That there is A Step ahead of the rest of the World in terms of Technology. Unfavorable Geographical Location and unusual Natural Conditions of the Rising sun Made the Japanese are incredibly Resourceful and efficient Nation. But Sometimes Their Creativity and Technological Researches go too far, so That the Light Appears things That people in the West are strange and shocking. If you are planning to visit this amazing Country, be sure to Look for the following 25 Described crazy wonders that can be found only in Japan.



Japanese literally Went crazy with the Pointed teeth, Which in Japan are Called “yabea.”Local Women are Willing to Spend hundreds of dollars on cosmetic Procedures to attach These Mini-fangs on His teeth.


The Japanese are known for their strict habits of hygiene and sanitation, so it is not surprising that they have toilet slippers, which are used to minimize the contact between the unclean floors in the bathroom and clean the floor in the rest of the house.


In Japan, home to more than 126 million people. Naturally, space saving has Become One of the main local Problems for Residents, and A parking space – is no exception. If you arrive in the shopping center, you are sure to stumble on here such unusual places for parking.


Judging by the ingredients, Japanese mayonnaise is no Different from the Usual, But it WAS His use of Japanese Makes strange. At That time, as the rest of the World Normally uses mayonnaise sandwiches and salads, Traditional Japanese Kewpie mayonnaise for use … ice cream, chips and even pancakes.


When to shower joins A strong wind, A common umbrella useless. The Japanese have solved this problem with Their Usual ingenuity.


In Western Countries, lifters Almost Extinct. In Department stores and hotels They do not meet – it is cheaper. But in Japan this amazing Service is Still available.


Super-umbrella CAN protect you from the rain, But what do you do if you Suddenly Become Cold? Forget About blankets! Japan CAME up with this wonderful puppy That Will Warm you. Just put it in the Microwave and voila!


If in the Western world to sleep in the office is considered unacceptable behavior, for which he can receive a reprimand or something worse, but the Japanese business culture allows employees to offices that so much work, so-called “inemuri” – dremanie in the Workplace.Some employees even mimic inemuri to Their Bosses think They work very hard.


Have you Ever Heard of A Japanese whiskey? It is certainly worth A try. It is available Almost everywhere and is Rapidly Gaining Momentum Due to ITS quality. Suntory’s Hibiki Brand has Recently Won Several Awards as “the Best in the World whiskey.”


The Japanese work very hard, so it is not Surprising That Sometimes They Fall asleep right in the subway. To support the head, some sleepy workaholics USED here is A Special device here.


Japanese perverted taste is Known to All, But Still some things even Amaze Seen A lot. Here, for example, you want to try Would Ice cream with Horse meat, cactus, coal or Octopus?


So, imagine That One day you Realize That you have an Urgent need to Look into your own Ears. Picture in the photo above Japanese Invention Will allow your dream Come True.Thanks to A Special device CAN Find out for sure WHERE in the ear canal Hiding the Biggest Lumps Sulfur. Forward for the ear Treasure!


At first glance, Most Japanese Machine is not particularly Different from Those That CAN be Seen in Europe or the United States. HOWEVER, it is worth noting Their Ubiquity and strange contents. Indeed, in the Japanese Machines you CAN buy everything – from objects of Worship near the ancient Temples on Mount Fuji to fresh eggs, pancakes and batteries.And umbrellas and even the wearing of Underwear.


Yes, you Read it right. Children with A MOP. Just Give your Child the Opportunity to clean the House, until he / She crawls across the Floor. This unitard with “Built-in” MOP – another crazy Invention of the Japanese.


So many people love to Burst the bubbles from the Air on the Wrapping Film for Fragile Items. The Japanese rose is A popular Entertainment to the next Level … and Come up with endless bubbles That Constantly are filled with Air, and That CAN devour all the time!


It is Located in the Basement of More’s Department store in the Japanese City of Kawasaki.He has only five Stages, and height – 83 cm. Who is it said that most lazy – the Americans?


For many forest – A PLACE WHERE A pleasant stroll, Watch the Birds or Relax with friends around A Campfire. But even in Japan, there has not Been without some oddities. Japanese forest Aokigahara OFFICIALLY Called “Suicide forest”. It is Located at the Foot of Mount Fuji.The trees in this forest Grow so densely That block the wind, Because of what is Terribly quiet. That’s why he has Become A popular PLACE for Suicides. ACCORDING to statistics, every year here Lost Their Lives About 100 people.


You’ve Heard About chocolate Kit Kat, right? And you Probably Already Knew That the Japanese Flavors like strange. Well, They Got up and Kit Kat. How do you like Kit Kat flavored Baked potato and soy sauce? Or maybe you want to Kit Kat try tasteful Wasabi? By the way, These, God forgive me, Chocolates are very popular in Japan.


Those WHO for Japanese do not have A wife or girlfriend, local companies are now here Made Pillows. Well, at Least this artificial girlfriend Will never Argue with you.


Naturally, about single women have not forgotten.


When buying cans of beer in Japan on it CAN be found here such strange characters. This inscription in Braille for the blind, WHO Also Deserve happiness in the form of beer cans cool. Here is A touching and Mandatory for Japan Concern for the visually impaired .


Due to overcrowding and LACK of space Bicycles have Been Long in Japan One of the Most convenient Means of transportation. So That such A spectacle in the Country are not Uncommon, Especially at Railway stations, in shopping Centers and Other places of Mass gatherings.


More Precisely, “Japanese super toilets.” This Toilet SEAT with the function of the water supply, Which Will wash … ass and genitals. Although the Japanese have Been Long accustomed to such A … ahem … care, foreigners such a charge in the ass sometimes frightening.


To the south-east of the Island of Honshu Miyake-Jima is volcano with active Oyama. Since ITS Last Eruption in 2005, began a constant leak of poisonous gas, which is why all the inhabitants of the island are forced to wear gas masks. permanently ..! If the Air Seen A sharp rise in the Sulfur Content, Triggered alarms.



This is Probably the Most Insane in the History of the Invention of the Japanese, Which caught the Whole World. These “hotels” first appeared in Tokyo in 1979 and has since successfully serve hundreds of thousands of clients – from the busy businessmen to drunks who are afraid to return home late at night.

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