Creative Mom Removes Aggressive Makeover of dolls

Many of today’s parents probably noticed that doll for little girls who began to produce producers are nothing like the ones we played as a child. If you recall the Barbie doll, it is impossible not to notice that she is the bearer of a fairly bright makeup, but her war paint does not go to any comparison with the dolls Bratz, the faces of which flaunts a ton of makeup aggressive. Sonia Singh (Sonia Singh) from Tasmania decided that her children should not play with these dolls and began a project in which she reworks sexualized toy, giving them a more natural appearance.


Sonia Singh of Hobart, Tasmania, is committed to buying used dolls Bratz, removes all traces of make-up, painted lips and reduces the size of the eyes, and her mother sews and knits dolls new modest clothing.



Sonia has created a page on Tumblr and named the project «Tree Change Dolls», where she places comparative photographs of his works, looking at which one can not but notice a dramatic difference between razmalёvannymi Bratz dolls and their new natural appearance.



Creative Mom plans to start selling toys over the Internet, if it receives a response from the parents who would like their children to play with dolls Sony.



The woman hopes that her dolls young girls want to do what they are supposed to in childhood: climbing trees, riding on tires play in the yard, and not think about boys and glamor.


Sonia Singh says that inspired the creation of the dolls due to humble childhood, which was her and her sisters.



“My sisters and I grew up playing with dolls and second-hand homemade toys in a beautiful natural environment of Tasmania. And it was perfect! And also I like to give a second life to old things. “








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