Stories of life shown in miniature style cans

Surprisingly, all of these amusing dioramas depicting the lives of ordinary inhabitants of the small apartments, the artist places in tiny cans of sardines. It turns out a bit naive, touching and very recognizable.


Israeli artist and sculptor Nathalie Alony for several years in a row passionate about creating incredible miniature dioramas illustrating the life of the inhabitants of the small city apartments. Called a series of cute and ironic – “Home Sweet Home”.


Particularly interesting of these miniatures is doing what they are placed in regular cans of sardines. “All these stories, incidents, joys and disappointments are destined to occur in a confined space within the four walls that we call home,” – says Aloni. The series illustrates how actually linked fates of different people as they have in common, in that they can not even be aware of each other’s existence.


Despite the fact that some of the miniatures are frankly erotic overtones, most of the scenes illustrate the everyday moments of life. There is also a mother to look after the child and the family, play cards, and she sprawled in a chair … As materials for the production of figures of people and furniture Aloni uses everything that will fall under the arm: stationery, matches, pieces of matter, paper …



Natalie Aloni was born and raised in Israel. In 2004 she graduated as a sculptor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara (Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara). In the same year she opened her own company NaTalica art constructions, specializing in the development of theatrical scenery. Currently Aloni lives in two countries – the work requires her to be from time to time in Italy (Mantova), in Israel (Tel Aviv).


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