Curious Squirrel in The Frame Of British Photographer

Curious Squirrel in The Frame Of British Photographer

Curiosity and hyperactivity induced squirrels Briton Max Ellis photograph these funny creatures, creating the most incredible and funny situations for curious little rodents.
Max Ellis – a professional freelance illustrator and photographer from UK, who knows how to photograph animals like no other. And although his portfolio has lots of interesting shots, photos of protein with normal “human” objects attract maximum attention. Photographer did a lot of work to make these shots he lures squirrels using seeds, cookies and toys, awakening their curiosity and then his fluffy model themselves “posing” with various props in front of camera. Max makes some scenery with his hands, for example, a box magician sawing.

1. Max Ellis – independent British illustrator and photographer, studied photography at the University of Brighton.

2. Max professionally engaged in photography for 15 years and in his portfolio during that time have accumulated a lot of beautiful pictures of wildlife.

3. Max loves to photograph animals, but his favorites are proteins.

4. Photographer enjoyed watching squirrel antics, but at some point the idea came to him to use improvised tools to create funny scenes.

5. Now photographer uses rodents curiosity for their own purposes, creating a casual shots using your camera Nikon

These pictures are just awesome I as a writer loved it.


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