Custom Model (16 photos)

 You do not have the two front teeth? All hands to the tattoos? Hair dye burned many? Excellent! You come to us!

Custom Models (1)
Mark and his "ugly" team looking for people across the UK and the U.S. to replenish their ranks, which is about 1000 models. (CATERS NEWS)
Custom Models (2)
We have a complete woman, who was displeased with him, but as soon as she was given the role of gay bbw dealing with love magic , she began a different attitude to itself. " (CATERS NEWS)
Custom Models (3)
We have a lot of people who are satisfied with their appearance ...» (CATERS NEWS)
Custom Models (4)
"It's amazing when you see old ladies standing in a queue with tattooed thugs, and everyone wants to try his hand at movies." (CATERS NEWS)
Custom Models (5)
"As for movies, our models can be seen in all James Bond movies, and recently we finished the last part of" Harry Potter ".We have opened up new jobs , and queues wishing there was no limit. " (CATERS NEWS)
Custom Models (6)
"Our models have worked for everyone from Calvin Klein to the journal «Italian Vogue», and they have a pretty big demand. " (CATERS NEWS)
Custom Models (7)
"Today, models are so similar and common, that I want to find someone else." (CATERS NEWS)
Custom Models (8)
"What makes ugly models, is that they are satisfied with myself" - says Mark. (CATERS NEWS)
Custom Models (9)
Ugly models operate for 40 years, and the agency's owner, 47, Mark French says that his aim is that the tradition - it is not interesting. (CATERS NEWS)
Custom Models (10)
Master skorchivaniyu birth. (CATERS NEWS)
Custom Models (11)
Tommy Mattison ... (CATERS NEWS)
Custom Models (12)
In contrast, various reality shows like "Top Model", these "freaks" have created their own gear. The program "The most ugly model of Great Britain" published August 26 at 11 am on the fifth channel in London. (CATERS NEWS)
Custom Models (13)
Here you can see people of different types. (CATERS NEWS)
Custom Models (14)
Models of this agency were recorded in a huge number of films - from the "James Bond" to "Marks and Spencer." (CATERS NEWS)
Custom Models (15)
In this selection of photographs from Pictures of model agencies in London in which to be "scary" means that you get a job. And all because these men and women registered in the book of one of the world's largest agencies - Ugly Agency. (CATERS NEWS)