Dad’s Army: Picture special

Dad’s Army: Picture special

1. Dad’s Army – from left to right: Arnold Ridley (Private Charles Godfrey), Clive Dunn, Arthur Lowe, Ian Lavender, John Laurie and John Le Mesurier.

2. Dad’s Army, a BBC comedy about the Home Guard during the Second World War, was written by Jimmy Perry and David Croft.

3. A still from a 1972 episode of Dad’s Army called ‘Brain Versus Brawn’. While disguised as firemen during an initiative exercise.

4. Corporal Jones’s famous 1935 Ford butchers van from the iconic TV series Dads Army. It was later auctioned at Bonhams.

5. Clive Robert Benjamin Dunn (9 January 1920 – 7 November 2012) was an English actor best known for his role as Lance-Corporal Jack.

6. A 1975 episode of Dad’s Army sees the Home Guard on training exercises

7. Ian Lavender (far left), Clive Dunn, Arthur Lowe and John Le Mesurier from Dad’s Army

8. Members of the original cast of Dad’s Army meeting in 2008 at The Imperial War Museum to mark the 40th anniversary.

9. Clive Dunn performs his song Grandad on a 1971 Dickie Henderson show

10. Dad’s Army’s commander Arthur Lowe (foreground) gives his men training on how to deal with a German spy

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