Dairy farmers spray milk at the European Parliament in Brussels

1. A protest staged by dairy farmers in Brussels has entered its second day. Farmers sprayed thousands of litres of fresh milk at the European Parliament in Brussels.

2. Hundreds of farmers and tractors from across Europe took up position in a park near the European Commission and a square.

3. …some of it raining down on police and passers-by.

4. A riot police officer is covered in milk as dairy farmers dump milk on the European Parliament during a demonstration in Brussels

5. Dairy farmers tractors are parked on the Cinquantenaire square in Brussels on the second day of a protest against EU agricultural policies

6. Young dairy farmers use a giant slingshot to throw flares to the EU Parliament and the police on the second day of a protest

7. Tractors block a main road in central Brussels during a protest by European milk producers

8. Farmers stand among tractors during a demonstration called 1,000 tractors to Brussels by European milk producers

9. A man stands next to a charred trailer set on fire by dairy farmers in front of the EU Parliament at Place du Luxembourg

10. Protesting dairy farmers throw tyres onto a fire in front of the European Parliament