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Dark and Light Photography: Clicked With Available Light

Dark and Light Photography is a special kind of photography. In this kind the flash is not used and pictures are clicked in available light. Shutter speed determines how long the shutter is open, exposing the sensor to light.

I am going to be looking at techniques to reduce the required shutter speed for a correct exposure, though there are some interesting creative applications for long exposures – such as photographing star trails and creating motion blur.

14 thoughts on “Dark and Light Photography: Clicked With Available Light”

  1. They are VERY nice. I, too, would like to know if these are HDR images rather than a single exposure captured in available light.

  2. these are HDR. not that that makes them any less interesting to look at, but they’re definitely not ‘single exposure’ shots.

  3. I think this strange feeling that have when I look these photos – strange light, strange places, strange view – is a sign that our eyes are not prepared to be in dark anymore. We have, specially in cities, so much light. We have computers – pure light. Maybe that’s why more and more people suffer with insomnia – it is hard to relax when eyes are closed.

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