Darth Vader : Inspiration for Many

Till now Darth Vader is only regarded as a dangerous symbol but now humans can also extract fun from it by creating various inspirational items as described below-

1) Air Balloon –

This huge hot air balloon is the most horrible thing for children but also one of the most exciting mode of transport for others. You will love to travel on it.

Air Balloon2) Lamp –

Some people love horrible things and they also keep dreadful articles at their home, for them this lamp is like a gift and they will buy it definitely.

Lamp3) Monster of star wars –

If there comes a monster then how can the star wars demons be left behind. So here is a Darth Vader designed monster which is looking funny than being dangerous.

Monster Star Wars Characters Bobbleheads4) Darth watch –

Horrible things are also beautiful sometimes and this extra ordinary watch is proving the same.

Darth Watch5) Gas mask –

Darth Vader is a life saver ! can you believe it ? you should believe because here is a gas mask for fire fighters and mine workers which is inspired by Darth Vader.

 Gas Mask 6) Disco Ball –

Mood at disco can be increased by installing Darth Vader disco ball, look at the style  and color. Its beautiful.

(via lostghosts)
“I find your lack of faith disco disturbing.”

7) Alarm –

Again a beautiful and horrible object which is very important in day to day life.you also like to place it in your living room.

Alarm 8) Toaster –

Now what can be said about this? Edible items having Darth engraved on it will attract the children.

Toaster9) Shoes –

Darth Vader shoes are great in looks and it enhances your personality as a dangerous human.


10) Darth Vader Cake –

Everyone likes cakes .Made entirely of chocolate, so delicious even Darth Vader itself couldn’t resist it.

Darth Vader Cake

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