Debt crisis: European Union workers stage anti-austerity protests and strikes

 1. Spanish riot police clash with protesters in Valencia, eastern Spain

2. Riot policemen arrest a protester in Valencia during the general strike

3. A demonstrator and a riot police officer clash during a protest against austerity measures in Rome

4. Demonstrators shout slogans in front of a shop at Barajas airport in Madrid, forcing it to close for business

5. A police officer is helped by a colleague after getting hurt during the general strike in Madrid

6. A car is set on fire on the road to the CEAO industrial estate in Lugo, northwestern Spain

7. Demonstrators set up a barricade of burning tyres at the main entrance of Mercabarna, the biggest wholesale market in Barcelona

8. A protester holds a flare during a demonstration in Lisbon, Portugal

9. Demonstrators clash with police in riot gear during a protest against austerity measures in Milan, Italy

10. Clashes erupt between protesters and Italian Carabinieri riot police during a demonstration in Rome