Decade of top searches

Decade of top searches

1. In the first year of the new century, Yahoo! released the most popular terms for the first time.

2. In 2002, results for the Yahoo! Person of the Year poll went to President George W. Bush, followed by rapper Eminem and Secretary.

3. In 2003, KaZaA led the peer-to-peer file-sharing applications in the wake of Napster’s shutdown.

4. By 2004, reality shows had become ensconced in the TV landscape. “American Idol” hit about the 20-million-viewer mark in 2003.

5. In 2005, celebrities ruled the Search roost as singer and new mother Britney Spears claimed the No. 1 spot for the first time.

6. Hips didn’t lie and neither did the online passion for Colombian singer Shakira, who trailed only Britney Spears and performance.

7. Britney Spears still retained the top spot in the 2007 Top 10 searches, but by now the girl next door had become a mother.

8. The 2008 presidential elections registered a first on Yahoo’s Top 10 list: a politician.

9. After a four-year reign, the King of Pop knocked the pop princess off the top Search perch.

10. Only once before had a news story taken the No. 1 slot in Top Searches on Yahoo — namely, the death of Michael Jackson.

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