Disney Princess and Indian brides by Amrit Grewal

Vancouver photographer Amrit Grewal transformed the girls with typical Indian appearance, dressing them in recognizable outfits, styled Indian wedding outfits. Fortunately, in India the wedding dress can be any color and cut, just to have been complied with special symbolic differences wedding dress, for example, put on a special decoration or skirt.

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Sleeping Beauty

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Snow White

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Creating outfits cost expensive photographer. For example, the Sleeping Beauty dress worth $ 10,000, and Rapunzel braid decorated with diamonds on thousands and thousands of dollars. Clothes thoroughly thought through. Pocahontas costume elements reproduces images of American cuisine, drawings and sketches of houses and outfit Mulan inspired by images of the eastern Asian embroidery and clothing items. Photographer created your project for the magazine “Bride of South Asia”, to emphasize how Disney images can cooperate with local traditions.

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The Little Mermaid

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