Dog likes To Fly

Popular wisdom says: “If a person is able to regain the trust of the dog, he will become his most loyal friend.” This statement confirms the story of Dan McManus and his dog Shadow. American Dan McManus lives in Utah and has 37 years of experience as an instructor in flight on a hang glider and paraglider. In recent years, it began to disturb general anxiety disorder. This disease is accompanied by a constant feeling of fear, which reduces the capacity of man. But Dan was able to cope with the illness. This helped him to fly with his dog named Shadow.

1.   Dan McManus and his dog Shadow.

Dog like To Fly (1)

2. The dog accompanies man during all of his works, including hang gliding lessons. The presence of four-legged friend helps Dan cope with the symptoms of anxiety.

Dog like To Fly (2)

3. For the past nine years, McManus takes his faithful dog breed  Australian Cattle Dog with him.

Dog like To Fly (3)

4. Dan McManus prepare his dog companion named Shadow for the next flight. Especially for Shadow Dan made a vest that is attached to the glider design.

Dog like To Fly (4)

5. Dogs of this breed infinitely loyal to their owners and are among the ten most intelligent dogs. In addition, the Australian Cattle Dogs are easy to exercise, they are very affectionate and are able to complete self-giving

Dog like To Fly (5)

6. Dog-gliders  is not afraid to fly, but when you fly he hold his host by his paws.

Dog like To Fly (6)

7. Dan McManus – the owner of the company «Eagle’s Nest Hang Gliding & Paragliding».  have made “thousands of flights.”

Dog like To Fly (7)  

Dog like To Fly (8)

9. The presence of four-legged friend helps a man to cope with separation anxiety – the fear of separation. The presence of a living being inspires McManus confidence and does not succumb to panic.

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