Donut Shaped Purses

Charming collection of incredibly realistic a purse for coins in the form of sweet cookies, donuts with icing and macaroon, which not only look very cute, but also smell, respectively, simply can not but arouse admiration. Wonderful accessories smaller than the palm of your hand can become part of the original arsenal bags or interesting show.




The collection of charming aromatic wallets purse clasp simply can not but arouse emotion. Original accessories look just as delicious sweets: multicolored macaroon, glazed donuts, almond biscuits. In addition to the charming appearance they are also incredibly delicious smell.


Developers ruler cute purses denied the widespread belief that money does not smell. After staying in such mini-canisters fines and paper money become sweet flavor of almonds with orange, strawberry, mint or chocolate. Charming accessories are perfect for storing not only money, but also cosmetics or small, such as jewelry.





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