Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Environmental Difficulties in World (21 Pics)

Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Environmental Difficulties in World (21 Pics)

After a shocking earthquake in Haiti, local residents pass an injured church in Part au Prince.

The presidential palace in Port-au-Prince is damaged after the earthquake.

Group of horses ran in safety place because of volcanic ash clouds in Eyjafjallajokull, Iceland.

Volcano in Eyjafjallajokul, Iceland, strikes across in the sky as lava.

A cloud of gas and ash billowing some 10 km (six miles) high from the Mount Merapi volcano during an explosion.

Indonesia’s most active volcano discharges more burning clouds of gas and ash, generating fresh terror among locals.

An enormous cloud of ash into the sky. An explosion of the Soufriere Hills volcano, on the island of Montserrat.

People ran away from the village on a motorcycle due to Mount Sinabung volcano ash.

A mid-air sight shows flooded houses and streets in L’aiguillon sur Mer, southwestern France.

A lady digs up dirt inside her flooded house which is caused by heavy rains in Draguignan, south eastern France.

A satellite image of oil spill clean-up effort in the Gulf of Mexico captured by Digital Globe.

Landslide in Itapevi, West of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and A vehicle is seen from a 50 meter long, 12 meter deep crater.

A bridge which distorted by the flooded Jacui river, in the Rio Grande do Sul state, South Brazil at least 72 people have died in floods and landslides.

An employee repairs an entrance road to Machu Picchu, which was broken by the floodwaters of the Vilcanota River.

Due to landslide envelops National Highway No. 3 close to Keelung in north Taiwan.

This image captured by the International Space Station, The eye of Hurricane Earl is seen centred just north of the Virgin Islands.

A Freak Tornado damaged more than 30 homes with twisting winds statuette out a 300 meter wide path of destruction in the coastal town of Lennox Head in New South Wales, Australia.

A round sinkhole 66 feet across consumed an entire intersection in Guatemala City during a tropical storm.

A passenger train is seen on an incompletely smashed railway bridge after two of its carriages fell into the river in Xiaohan town of Guanghan.

A huge fire out of control after two blasts in mine at the Pike River in Greymouth, New Zealand.

An in-flight vision shows a busted dam, which roots a toxic red sludge spill, from a Hungarian alumina plant near Ajka.

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