10 Dishes that are Eaten with alive or partially alive organisms

Products must be fresh, it’s Firm Rule of Healthy eating. But living products – is quite another matter. And we are not Talking About Those animals That are Killed before delivery to stores and Restaurants. No. It’s About the animals That are Served on A Plate Alive. It sounds awful. But in many Countries, These dishes are Considered A Delicacy. We Offer an overview of the Most Sadistic dishes in the World.

Proponents of “living foods” Believe That meat Tastes better if the Animal is Alive, Alive or Partially breathed Directly on the Plate in the assembled Eat it. Include such amazing delicacies just does not Turn Language. They are not what is, and not CAN be Viewed in the photo without A shudder. Nervous and impressionable not Watch.

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1. Huge larvae, Australia

Huge fatty larvae CAN be A Delicious Meal, at Least for the Australians. It’s no secret That in the desert problem with the products, therefore Especially no Choice. Aborigines happy to Eat the Caterpillars as A wonderful source of protein. Especially since They do not need to cook. Just Find Severing His head and zhuёm until They Cease to squirm in His Mouth.HOWEVER. Such meals CAN be enjoyed even in the restaurant in the soup or omelet. Their eating Turns into A Ritual.


2. Sea urchins, Italy

In Italy, DURING A Walk Along the sea coast Made to collect sea urchins and then Eat Them.These are tennis balls Currently in the Thorns That Look Appetizing quite. But in FACT They have A Tasty and fleshy, as They Say, the gonads ( Sexual Glands). So if you want to try A Delicacy, it is Necessary to Split and the scratchy nut with an Appetite to Eat everything as Long as it meanders.


3. Sannakji, Korea and Japan

And now it’s time to Talk About the Delicious Octopus, But not in the form of Frozen seafood MIX, But the dish Sannakji, Served in Japan and Korea. This is A Live Octopus fed chopped into pieces or as A Whole. His tentacles Still squirm When the Bowl with A dish put on the table. Attractiveness is Sannakji Those Feelings That people experience, perezhёvyvaya Poor Animal. HOWEVER, not everything is so simple. The dish is quite dangerous, not in vain, in some Countries it is Forbidden. The tentacles are covered with powerful suction cups that can suck in the throat and strangle a consumer.


4. Blood clams, New England

Bloody clams Produce Increased Amounts of hemoglobin, and When you Open the Shell, not just to Avoid the Rivers of Blood. Most people Simply BoIL for 20 seconds and Consumes Almost raw. That’s only Necessary to Remember That 14-16% Gourmets have A chance Get to sick with hepatitis. Because of this dish is Banned in China, But in New England it is Served with citrus sauce A.


5. Chilled ants (salad Noma), Denmark

The restaurant “Noma”, Located in Copenhagen, Decided That the salad with ants – it’s A great idea. Even install the Appropriate price: $ 300 per serving. Ants are Served with crème fraîche and Offered as A substitute for gluten-free croutons as an Ingredient. The taste They Resemble A Mixture of Ginger, lemongrass and cilantro. A freeze so Them That They are not so quick to Run.


6. frugivorous bat, Guam

Fruit bats happy to Eat in many Asian Countries, such as Guam, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam. They are low in fat, A lot of protein, and the taste They Resemble chicken. Nevertheless, on the Small Island of Guam Residents Served very unusual dish: A Bat with Coconut milk soup. Caught Pet wash, Alive Thrown into boiling water and serve. Need to Eat everything except the bones and teeth.


7. Sashimi frog, Japan, China, Vietnam

In some Eastern Countries, Mainly in Japan, China and Vietnam, for lunch CAN Bring A Live frog, to cut into fillets, with more heart pounding. For this Special Delicacy grown frogs oxen. Strongly impressionable is not Necessary to order the dish Because the skin with a live animal will shoot straight at the visitor.


8. Jumping “drunken” shrimp, Japan and China

Probably in Japan and China have Decided That the Animal CAN not be sober to accept the idea That it Will be eaten Alive. Therefore, here Decided to alleviate the plight of Shrimp and drink Them. They are Soaked in sake, or, or in Chinese alcoholic Beverage Baijiu Shrimp and begin to Jump on the Plate and the table. Live Shrimp exempt from Armor and Dug His teeth into the Flesh.


9. The young eels, Japan

In Japan, eating and young eels in the Same Manner as Shrimp. Chef Raymond Blanc Advises add vinegar and sake, That They Also Began to Jump. We only CAN swallow Them Whole.HOWEVER, there is in the Country of the Rising sun is another Traditional dish, Called “Tofu hell”, “Hell Loach.” To prepare it you need to BoIL water, put on the bottom of A piece of tofu and immediately throw into the pot Small Loach. They sail to yet Cold cheese in the Hope of Escape, and bury HIM. Vottolko likely to Survive They have Any. As A result, the dish looks like Swiss cheese, That’s just A hole in it to make A Small Fish, rather than fermentation.


10. Ikizukuri, Japan, China and Korea

Ikizukuri, Which translates as “cooked Alive” – A kind of sashimi, Served as soon as the Fish pulled from the Tank. Cook just gutted it and Feeds on the table. The Entire Process Takes PLACE in the Eyes of the Customer, who can observe the beating heart of fish and opens and closes the mouth.

However, this is not the whole list of immoral dishes, culinary preferences of people never cease to amaze.

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