Europe is Freezing Day by Day…

Europe is freezing like no words. there are 200 victims of severe frosts in the ukraine terretories to italy. the figure is growing everyday.
Eastern Europe is totally hit since a week from the abnormal low temperature. Only Ukraine has become a victim of severe frosts,according to the latest press – service of Ministry referring 101 people to the Ministry of Health for Emergency Situations of Ukraine.

1. Woman on the bus looking through frosted window in Bucharest. (Photo by Vadim Ghirda)Europe Frost Condition (1)
2. Wooden figurines have become ice sculptures in the cold -8,5 ° C in Zeegrebene, Switzerland. (By STEFFEN SCHMIDT)

Europe Frost Condition (2)

3. A resident of St. Petersburg in the swimming hole. (Dmitry Lovetsky )Europe Frost Condition (3)

4. A couple of photographing in front of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. (ALFREDO ALDAI )Europe Frost Condition (4)

5. People rise to the snow-covered church in the Alpenrose Wendelstein, Germany. The church is located at an altitude of 1828 m (Matthias Schrader)Europe Frost Condition (5)
6. A group of tourists on the background of snow-covered landscape in Davos, Switzerland. (ARNO BALZARINI)Europe Frost Condition (6)

7. A cow looks out from the stall in Davos, Switzerland. (ARNO BALZARINI)Europe Frost Condition (7)
8. Girls are walking in the city center, wrapped in warm clothes. (SERGEY DOLZHENKO)Europe Frost Condition (8)

9. Homeless tent for lunch with hot tea and food, set in Donetsk Ukrainian rescuers. (PHOTOMIG )Europe Frost Condition (9)

10. The girl is under an umbrella in the cold in Sofia. (VASSIL DONEV)Europe Frost Condition (10)
11. An elephant eats snow in a zoo in Munich. (FRANK LEONHARDT )Europe Frost Condition (11)

12. Icicles hang from the branches on the bank of the Elbe River in Dresden. (Norbert Millauer )Europe Frost Condition (12)

13. Bosnian on a snowy road in the village to the north of Sarajevo. (Amel Emric )Europe Frost Condition (13)

14. Skiers on the background of snow-covered landscape in Oberhof, Germany. (MARTIN SCHUTT )Europe Frost Condition (14)

15. The girl in the city center, where over the past six days, 43 died from hypothermia . More than 800 people sought need help at the hospital. (SERGEI SUPINSKY)Europe Frost Condition (15)

16. Icicles on a rock in the sun in Eisenach, Germnaiya. (Jens Meyer)Europe Frost Condition (16)

17. Ducks take off from a pond in a cold winter day in Minsk. (Sergei Grits )Europe Frost Condition (17)

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