Facts of the Day – January 11, 2014

Facts of the Day – Mosquitos have collectively killed more human beings throughout history than any other factor, including war


Facts of the Day – that the British army tested LSD on its Marines in 1964…and filmed it.

Facts of the Day – it takes 45 minutes to take a shit in zero gravity.

it takes 45 minutes to take a shit in zero gravity.

Facts of the Day – of high speed tape, an adhesive that closely resembles duct tape and is frequently used on planes as a temporary patch to any punctures, scrapes, or surface damage.


Facts of the Day –  in North Korea women are not allowed to ride bikes, wedding ceremonies MUST be held before one of the 34,000 Kim-Il-Sung statues, and citizens must display in their homes a portrait of their leader.


Facts of the Day – many people who own high end and exotic cars register them in Montana to avoid sales taxes in their home state.


that prior to Chris Farley’s death, there were plans to make a Matt Foley movie (SNL motivational speaker who “lived in a van down by the river”) with David Spade in a supporting role


Facts of the Day – that Tsar Simeon II of Bulgaria, who ruled from 1943 to 1946 as a child, and was overthrown after the WWII, was later elected Prime Minister of Bulgaria in 2001. He is the only monarch to become the head of government through democratic elections in European history.


Facts of the Day – there’s a laser procedure that breaks up brown eye pigment (melanin) in the iris. It effectively changes one’s eye color from brown to blue, as blue eyes exist under all brown eyes.


Facts of the Day – A 3500 year old Egyptian temple dedicated to Montu – God of strength and war – was disassembled in the 19th century to build a sugar factory


Facts of the Day – Chinese sledgehammers have a flexible handle to increase strike velocity and reduce handle reverberation for the user.


Facts of the Day –  that Rowan Atkinson suffers from stammering.

that Rowan Atkinson suffers from stammering.

Facts of the Day -that the zipper company YKK produces everything in-house, including its zipper-manufacturing machines and shipping boxes.

that the zipper company YKK produces everything in-house, including its zipper-manufacturing machines and shipping boxes.

Facts of the Day – Blood type is so important in Japan, you can be hired (or fired) for it, as well as buy blood-type-specific products like condoms that “are all the same, but contain different instructions for each blood group”


Facts of the Day –  that the sun’s core is so hot that a piece of it the size of a pinhead would give off enough heat to kill a person 100 miles away


Facts of the Day – Hubble can get detailed views of distant galaxies but not of Pluto

Hubble can get detailed views of distant galaxies but not of Pluto

Facts of the Day –  that the word “Amazon” in ancient Greek means “without a breast”, referring to the legend that Amazons (strong, independent women warriors) cut off their right breasts so as not to interfere with use of a bow.


Facts of the Day – Rosey Grier, the only surviving member of the LA Rams’ famed “Fearsome Foursome”, worked as a bodyguard for Robert Kennedy when he was assassinated. Although unable to prevent the killing, Grier took control of the gun and subdued the shooter.


Facts of the Day – more Utahns died in 2013 from prescription drug overdose than car wrecks, and that Utah has the 8th highest drug overdose mortality rate in the US.


Facts of the Day – in the 18th century it was fashionable in England for the wealthy to hire people to live in their gardens as “ornamental hermits”


Facts of the Day –  that by the original definition, highly developed countries such as Switzerland and Sweden were seen as “Third World countries”


Facts of the Day – there is a molecule that essentially acts as an alcohol antidote by blocking GABA receptors. However, drug companies are fearful of legal consequences so they will not produce it.


Facts of the Day – comedian Gallagher is retiring after having four heart attacks, being broke, being unable to drive legally and living out of hotels.


Facts of the Day –  Paul Wight (AKA The Big Show) quit football after his freshman year, because of disputes with the coach. His Sophomore year, he joined the cheerleading squad, partly out of spite.


Facts of the Day – The Shawshank Redemption was a box office flop.


Facts of the Day – a seed from a Judean date palm, previously extinct for hundreds of years, was germinated in 2011 and is expected to grow fruit by 2022


Facts of the Day – We actually live about 80 milliseconds in the past because that’s how long it takes our brains to process information.


Facts of the Day – that Virginia tech school shooter Seung Hi Cho was enrolled in a popular creative writing class in the college. 62 of the 70 students in the class dropped out of the class because they were scared of Cho.


Facts of the Day –  that the Ritz-Carlton has for many years given staff $2,000 of discretion to be used to solve any customer complaint in the manner the employee feels is appropriate.


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