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Are you religious? Or maybe a little spiritual? If you are one of the them,the praying hands tattoo would be an ideal representation of your personality and faith.

Praying Hands Tattoo

Praying Hands Tattoo 1

praying hands god tattoo

praying hand tattoos

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praying hand-tattoo

In God’s Hands Tattoo


This tattoo shows a pair of praying hands holding a rosary. The black and white shaded image has the illusion of appearing inside the skin, almost like a beautiful wound. The text at the bottom, “In God’s Hands” is a hopeful message of faith and trust. This tattoo is a great representation of catechism and conviction.

Praying Hands in Scripture Tattoo

Praying Hands in Scripture Tattoo

This beautiful tattoo shows a pair of praying hands holding a rosary superimposed on scripture. The design makes the tattoo seem like it is inside one’s skin holding a holy message once the skin is ripped and torn. The black and white image is shaded perfectly showing depth and dimensions in the tattoo image. This tattoo represents the catholic faith as it shows a rosary and scripture.

Cross & Roses: Praying Hands of Christ

This gorgeous tattoo fuses black and white shading and color to make a perfect tattoo. The praying hands are surrounded by beams of light and a cross that represents the Christian faith. The red roses next to the hands breathe some life and color into the design. The two styles in the tattoo complement each other and work well together.

Rosary & Faith Tattoo

This colorful tattoo incorporates the praying hands, roses, and the rosary beautifully to represent faith which engraved on the label in the middle. The praying hands are very realistic and the rosary they hold that represents catechism. This tattoo is perfect for a tattoo on the bicep.

Crown of Thorns Praying Hands Tattoo


This tattoo shows Jesus Christ before he was crucified with his hands held it prayer while looking up at the sky into the heavens where our father resides. This beautiful tattoo shows Christ wearing the crown of thorns making this tattoo an epitome of Christianity. This beautiful piece of black and white ink memorializes Good Friday and is a testament to the Christian faith.

Praying Hands of the Tibetan Sun Tattoo

The Tibetan sun is always striking and a great attention grabber. It is quite common in popular culture with its image appearing on CD covers and posters. This tattoo merges two powerful images effortlessly. The praying hands are old and withered, captured stunningly in this tattoo. The praying hands do not show any religious affiliation, just a symbol of faith, spirituality, and positivity.

Zombie Hands of Prayer


This tattoo is a fantastic addition for the zombie fanatics out there. The praying hands are green with decay with open sores and bones exposed. This creepy image is in direct contradiction to the pious representation of the praying hands. It is an awesome way to make a statement and one that gets you thinking.

Praying Hands Memorial Tattoo


This tattoo of a cross with praying hands and a rosary is a memorial tattoo with names of those who have passed on. It is an ideal way to pay homage to loved ones and an interesting way to keep them in our thoughts every day of our lives. This tattoo is a symbol of the catholic faith and a beautiful memorial.

Folded Fingers of Prayer Tattoo


This tattoo is not the common image of praying hands tattoos that you see on people’s skin. The hands are together in prayer, but the fingers are folder and not held straight like the traditional praying hands tattoo. Further, this tattoo also holds a rosary representing the catholic faith. The shading and the uniqueness of the image makes it suitable for someone who wants something that is just a little bit different.

In the Praying Hands of a Soldier Tattoo


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