Fans Performing Dangerous Burn-Outs and High-Speed Stunts In Tribute At Crash Site

We can imagine how fans love Paul walker, even i am a big fan of him, check this out if you are too…

Actor and former racing driver friend killed instantly after Porsche Carrera GT smashes into tree and bursts into flames


Fast and Furious fans are performing dangerous burn-outs and high-speed stunts i n tribute to movie star Paul Walker at the scene where he died.

According to TMZ, who have witnessed the exhibitions, fans of the street-racing movie series are burning rubber and peeling out in memory of the late actor.

However, cops are urging fans to stop the stunts and have vowed to crack down on anyone caught driving dangerously at the scene before another tragedy occurs.

The crash site has become a shrine for fans who have left flowers and tributes.

Walker was a passenger in the red Porsche Carrera GT – driven by friend and former racing driver Roger Rodas – when it smashed into a tree and burst into flames at the weekend.

The friends, who were on their way to a charity event organised by Walker, died instantly.

Police are reportedly investigating the possibility that the Porsche supercar may have been racing another car , at the time he died.

According to TMZ , who broke the news about the 40-year-old actor’s death, officers have received tip-offs that the Fast and Furious star’s pal Roger Rodas, who was driving the sports car, may have been in the middle of a street race.

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