Romantic apartment in Stockholm, Sweden

What features has an interior decorated woman? What is the boudoir shades and how to work with them? About all this – in our article. Today we’ll show you a romantic apartment in Sweden, which is not made by Scandinavian touching.

It so happens that at first glance you define interior – male or female it. Why have these feelings? Which color is better suited to women, and what – for men? How to find a compromise?

Character in color and in detail


This apartment is reminiscent of a cozy book café where you want to stay back and read a good book.It’s all about color and detail. Usually men do not pay attention to the small details, overlooking the whole picture. But women are always important details. What evidence and the interior of the Swedish apartment. He turned soft, thoughtful and restrained.

What is the difference between male and female interior? Women like quiet boudoir colors, while men feel comfortable in black-and white interior, they like contrasts.

To strike a balance in this apartment, unobtrusive pastel palette diluted chocolate color, with darker elements of natural wood. To a man feel comfortable, added black-and-white decor in the form of posters on the walls.

It’s obvious that the owner of the apartment cares about peace in the family. Color that she chose for interior decoration, does not tire the eyes – it is soft, unobtrusive and not blurred.

Our opinion:

– We can assume that here lives a happy married couple. Perhaps he diplomat, and she – a film critic.They are a daughter of eight or nine years, as indicated by the photos, located on a small dresser. They live together, their relationship quiet and harmonious, that is directly displayed on the interior.







Lighting: warm – cold

Interestingly, as the lighting changes the perception. In the same room interior can look both cool and warm. Can be observed in the living room, the color of the window considerably lighter. This is due to the fact that the window falls cold, diffuse daylight.

But the yellow electric light makes the interior more dark and quite saturated. In this light contrast give glare from the glossy parts and objects. This color palette is ideal in this case.

Our opinion:

– Boudoir shades perfectly with brushed metal – silver, brass and copper. Also, sometimes you can not use too polished brass and polished steel.

Children in colors: gray, light gray, brown, beige. Children in the style of Scandinavian style.

Living room, hall in colors: gray, light gray, dark brown, brown, beige. Living room, hall-style Scandinavian style.




Women’s territory

The interior is filled with interesting little details. And therefore felt that the arrangement of the apartment occupied by women: paintings, photographs, flower arrangements, candles in beautiful candlesticks, flowers – it is a passion of the weaker sex.

Although it is worth noting that the male office is maintained in a concise, elegant style, aided by gentle light palette. Emphasis is placed on the details, and frankly, very well. Remember, women give special attention to small details, and a lot of them in the apartment – the kitchen, children’s room, in the bathroom, in the living room.

The skillful combination of colors, lighting and, most importantly, various small objects in the interior to create the right balance, especially trade-off observed in the bedroom. Here there is also the color contrast and calm delicate shades.

Looks interesting and combination skins, flax linen and silk pillows. This again points to the harmony between the spouses, as accounted for both him and her preferences.






Retro atmosphere

It is evident that the whole apartment is literally saturated retro atmosphere. And the important role played in this color. Its depth is shown due to the different pattern that is present in the interior. Floor lamps in vintage style, golden trays, antique decorative objects – all these elements of retro mosaic that make up the interior, though descended from the black-and-white photos, passed through the filter “sepia”.










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