Find Momo

Find Momo

1. The dog’s fur and the surrounding colors help camouflage him.

2. Knapp told Yahoo News that hiding was Momo’s idea.

3. The graphic designer made a book of the “finding Momo” photos for his nieces and nephews as a gift.

4. Knapp started taking photos around September and has about 150 so far.

5. Knapp has found “unlimited options” for locations around Northern Ontario, where he lives.

6. Here’s how it works between man and dog: Knapp tells Momo to “sit” or “stay” where he wants him in the frame.

7. Knapp got the purebred puppy at 8 weeks.

8. The photo series will be published as a book. Knapp is launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing.

9. Momo haunts the Halloween “graveyard.”

10. Momo disappears at a Bass Pro! sporting-goods store.

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