Former Beauty Queen Showed Figures in Bikinis

In the past, the beauty queen and the most coveted girls of England, and now just taut and well maintained mature ladies decided to prove that woman is beautiful at any age. For this, they were wearing a bikini and showed her body in a bright photo shoot. So cheer up girls and feel beauty in you….

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Gay Spink 60 years old and she loves fitness
60-year-old Gay masseur works Spink, happily married and raises three children. The woman admitted that she feels much better than it was 25 years ago when she received the crown and title of Miss Great Britain. Gay Spink claims that toned body – the result of hard work – the woman does not pass fitness classes and jogging. Ex-beauty queen for the past 20 years, regularly participates in marathons.

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Pat Morgan ’53 and it continues to work as a model Pat Morgan ’53 and she works as a model. 35 years have passed since she received the title of Miss United Kingdom, but the woman is still in demand. Pat is a popular brand, which cooperate with the age models. Woman agrees that need to be active and to comply with the correct diet, “Life gets better when you’re over 40 and over 50, I hope that it will be even better, and 60. Now I feel fine.”

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Della Draper in 51god decided to stay in the Arctic Circle
Miss Great Britain in 1982, Della Draper, is engaged in the jewelry business and is quite happy with my life and body. Woman loves extreme, for example, she made ​​a 4-day walking tour of the Inca Trail and the journey to the Arctic circle. Dell recognizes that the long walks, cycling and skiing it helps keep the body in good shape and not to resort to harmful diets.

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