Funny Antic Faces By Willy Rizzo

Famous People in frivolous photoproject Willy Rizzo.
Willy Rizzo – the greatest photographer and designer, recognized genius and one of the best documentary photographers of the XX century. During his relatively long life (master lived 84 years), he has worked with several generations of celebrities – from Marilyn Monroe to Milla Jovovich. A series of his photographs of celebrities “grimaces” (Funny faces) of 1965 certainly came out very funny.

1. Catherine Deneuve

2. Virna Lisi

3. Jane Fonda

4. Claudine Auger

5. Sylvie Vartan

6. Marie Laforet

7. July Egérie

8. Yvette Past

9. Sophia Loren


10. Nicole de Lyamarzhe

11. Kim d’Estainville

12. Jean Shrimpton

13. Mannequin

14. Jean-Paul Belmondo

15. Elsa Martinelli

16. Charles Mutton

17. Anna Karina

18. Georgia Quental

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