Gif’s of the Day – May 12, 2014

Hard not to laugh.. poor sheep.

More entertaining than the ‘Fight Of The Century’

So THAT’S why mice like cheese…

:l ….. :l ….. 😛

If at first you don’t succeed, try, tr… ARGH! F*CK IT!

I believe i can fly!

Oh for f*ck’s sake, Universal!

How To Tell When You’ve Stopped Caring


It’s 2015, where is this?

Dog realizes it’s being filmed.

Using someone else’s shower

This kid is going places.

Gotta go fast.

Ooooh look at me, I’m a human, I walk on two legs. La-di-f*cking-da.

Danger lurks around every corner . . .

Cheeky little bugger..

I could watch this for hours!

My vacuum navigating around my fat, lazy cat.

“Just got those? I DON’T THINK SO!”

Playing soccer/football in bird’s eyes view with VR glasses


Wait for it…

Pet love.

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