Funny Pictures – April 1, 2015

“Cleanup – transporter room”

"Cleanup - transporter room"

May god have mercy on their soles.

Selfie Shoes

He spent 9 months in solitary.

9 months in solitary

My coworkers are going to hate me.

You Must Choose

The title page for a friend’s physics 2 homework.

Baby don’t Hertz Me

Has science gone too far?

Has science gone too far?

This flight goes nowhere near Disney World.

Minnie Mouse Pants

Got this at the gas station a few days ago.

Paper Controls My Life

A bus cut me off while I was driving home from work today. Then this happened.

Bus cut me off


Dog Needs Help

There was a pigeon in my garden wearing a slice of bread.

Pigeon wearing bread

Beware the third snake…

Beware of the snake


Fresh Beats

My friend hit me with this one this morning.

Iggy Azalea’s tour bus

When you’re alone in your house and you hear a sound.

Alone in your house

The dad-jokes have progressed to a visual level.. Help us.

Detergent Joke



When your shower is too hot.

Shower too hot

Decorators are in.

Kid Decorating The TV

Pizza delivery man, dressed to impress.

Dressed to impress

The real Whomping willow.

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