Funny Pictures – February 25, 2015

German shepherd doing his best kangaroo impression.

German shepherd kangaroo

These cereals sound like funny euphemisms for gay people

Funny Gay Euphemisms

James Franco just posted this on Instagram

James Franco Hugging Instagram

Coffee Life Mantra

Coffee Life Mantra

I moved the dog from his seat so I could get some sleep on a road-trip, this is how it turned out.

Dog Sleeps on Man

Tiger goes limp, pulls out after 9 holes.

Tiger goes limp

Real Beavis and Butthead

Beavis and Butthead in Real Life

Lord of the Swings

Lord of the Swings

Timmy still thinks he’s a squirrel.. Think it’s time to break the news

Cat Thinks He’s a Squirrel

Best toilet paper ever, featuring Justin Bieber

Best Toilet Paper EverFeaturing Justin Bieber via

Stay in school kids..

Dressed as a Pea Pod

Quagmire’s Ride

Quagmire’s Plate RU 18YET

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