Funny Pictures – July 11, 2015

“just gonna snap a quick picture of you for no good reason… just hold still”

Spider in the carvia

Every girl and their best friend.

Every girl and their best friendvia

It took me years to quit, and now this.

It took me years to quit, and now thisvia

All aboard.

Crip Shipvia

“Are you here to pick up the Mystery Machine?” “Don’t be absurd, I drive the whale.”

"Are you here to pick up the Mystery Machine?"via

Friend of mine captured this awkward family dinner.

Awkward family dinnervia

Make up your mind.

High-visibility Camovia

I’m building a wall so my neighbors can’t see me drinking and won’t suspect me of being a drunk.

Beer can wallvia

A co-worker brought in giant Godzilla toy from the latest movie. I decided to give it an upgrade.

Godzilla Upgradevia

This is my life meow.

This is my life meowvia

I’m landscaping this summer. Saw this in a little old lady’s garden.

Grow Dammitvia

Meanwhile, in Bangkok

Meanwhile, in Bangkokvia

British school lunch problems.

British school lunch problems.via

Best poop spot ever..

Best View From a Toiletvia

And here we see a mother truck giving birth to a beautiful baby forklift.

Truck giving birth to a forkliftvia

It’s called fashion, look it up.

Horse wearing pajamasvia

Waiter, there’s a hair in my drink!

GinItalia Cocktailvia