Funny Pictures – July 3, 2015

How does something like that even… ohh

Heels smashed windscreen

Not sure if they need to fire the plumber or the carpenter.

Fire the plumber or the carpenter?

This is not Williamsburg.

Hipsters must be accompanied

Classic Amazon.

Funny frequently bought together

Air support needed!

Air Support

This is the card I’m getting for my 15 year old brother.

Care for some cake?

What happens when you act like a jerk to the nice vet during a house call.

Cat straight jacket

My wife and daughter made me this cake for my birthday. One doesn’t argue with science.

Funny science birthday cake

My boyfriend got me this thoughtful gift when I passed my driving test…

Funny chocolates message

Sounds delicious.

Soup of the day

A 4th of July celebration just isn’t the same without it.

Golden shower

Wise words.

Don't drink water

This feels like some final destination shit waiting to happen.

Final destination fireworks truck

Made a replica sign in my office bathroom. Over forty men use these toilets daily.

Please rinse public toothbrush

When you can’t decide between “your” and “you’re”.

Kiosk spelling mistake

I don’t even have a doormat for my apartment…

Car doormat

Due to military cutbacks, Sergeant Bob was reclassified as equipment.

Reclassified as equipment

Condoms that can help!

Skittles Condoms

KFC Condoms

Adidas Condoms

XBOX Live Condoms

Monster Condoms

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