Funny Pictures – July 4, 2015

Patriotism intensifies.

Patriotism intensifiesvia

Fair warning…Thanks Google Maps.

Google Maps Jehovah's Witnesses warningvia

Soooooo, my microwave is demanding sacrifices now.

Microwave sacrificevia

Magnet worthy of my fridge.

It's all shits & gigglesvia

Any press is good press.

Any press is good pressvia

Tinder pictures versus real life.

Tinder pictures vs. real lifevia

And for today’s forecast…

And for today's forecast...via

Most Random Location For A Pay Phone.

Random Pay Phonevia

Snorkel=beer bong. Proud if my husbands ingenuity.

Snorkel beer bongvia

This make me kind of uncomfortable.

This make me kind of uncomfortable.via


You don't have to put on the red lightvia

My roommate got this quarter as change.

Show us your tits louisiana coinvia

Scottish advertising doesn’t mess around.

We've got sales targets - Oasis Advia

Tennessee is at it again.

A fifth on the 4thvia

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