Funny Pictures – June 23, 2015

Saw this at my local pharmacy.

Drug free workplace

God as my witness, I thought she was being attacked by a giant donger.

Attacked by a giant dong

So I went to eat Chinese today in my town and thought I’d see if they had WiFi….

Not for you stupid round eye

The sign outside my local coffee shop.

A yawn is a silent scream for a coffee.

If I owned a plane, I admit I would do this too

Where’s Your Plane Peasants?

Got my cat a new tag.

Funny cat tag

McDonald’s is making moves.

McDonald's replacing humans

My dad and sister wanted me to take a photo of them, and this lady tried to crouch under the shot, so I took a picture of her instead.

Crouching lady

My daughter didn’t approve of my clown makeup job.

Clown makeup

I think the Red Cross just slut-shamed me.

Whore Blood

My wife and I are going through a box of pictures and we found ones from us in college.

My wife and I in college.

IT Department has this sitting on their desk.

iPhone repair tool

Walked in on my girlfriend reading to our cat.

Reading to my cat.

We aren’t hauling milk.

We aren't hauling milk.

This was on the news.

News mistake

Got this graduation present from my uncle.

Funny graduation present

According to this water bottle, I’m supposed to fight a cancer patient. Punctuation is important, kids.

Go fight wendy

On a church in Salem, Mass.

Thou shalt be towed

Worst Slogan Ever?

Homicide Police Mug

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