Funny Pictures – June 24, 2015

Scenes from a Hat escalated quickly on Whose Line this week.

From a Hat funny

I added some new forms of payment to this store.

Funny Forms of Payment

Everytime I go to a bar.

Everytime I go to a bar

There is no cloud.

There is no cloud.

Babysitting is way easier than I thought.

Babysitting is easy

…some people are just the worst

Zip tied toilet roll

When your jeans are so ripped it looks like you’re taking a dump on the bench.

Jeans are so ripped it looks like you're taking a dump

My boyfriend promised me a fancy dinner for our date.
“Savory encrusted poulet medallions served with pomme frites over a delicate tomato puree infused with Himalayan sea salt.”

Fancy Chicken & Chips

Wife sent me this… Sounds like consent to me!

Sounds like consent to me!


Car door came off

I think my barista is trolling me.

Barista is trolling me

The definition of sworn enemies in one picture.

Sworn enemies

Job searching in today’s world.

Job searching

The Good Fight.

Stop Premature Christmas Decorating

I park right across from daycare…I watch kids hyperventilate everyday.

Funny Car Sun Shade

The less said the better…

The less said the better