Funny Pictures – March 15, 2015

Windy day in Iceland today!

Windy Day



People dressed their pets up in the 1950’s too.

Dress the dog

Queen Victoria has a new dress.

Queen Victoria new dress

Just saw these at my local Walmart…

Nike Sneakers with Heels

They Still Don’t Know.

They Still Don’t Know

Apparently my neighbor is MacGyver.

Neighbor is MacGyver

Thank God, I finally found it.

Found the G-Spot

I told you I had no idea what I was doing!

No idea what I was doing!

Low carb and gluten free salad!

Low carb salad

Us Finns just like it simple

Finns keep it simple

Got an oil change today, was not disappointed.

No Muff Too Tuff Shirt

Suddenly I realize I left the other half of my dog at work…

Left half my dog at work

We asked for a short stack.

Just a Short Stack

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