Funny Pictures – March 17, 2015

My sister who works at Walmart just sent me this.

Walmart Pooling

Squirrel Truths.

Squirrel Truths

Hong Kong is asking the tough questions.

tough questions

Dad jokes.

Dad jokes

Guilty as charged!

Guilty as charged!

My friend’s dinner date last night.

Dog dinner date

Quite the achievement.

Prisoner of the month

Saw this pigeon in a shop, checking out the prices of bird feed.

bird feed prices

When your company brings in a dude that makes balloon animals and you ask for an octopus with a machine gun.

Octopus machine gun

All these bones, and he’s chewing my shoe.

chewing my shoe

Watching Pawn Stars be like…

Watching Pawn Stars

At the doctor right now and noticed this on the wall.

Doctors handwriting

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