Funny Pictures – March 18, 2015

B U S T E D !!!


Cannibalism on St. Patrick’s Day.


Help Wanted in OKC

Help Wanted

So, I was reading some articles about human cloning and stumbled on this picture.

Human Cloning

Good thing he works in dentistry and not hair.

Odd Hair

Thought it was a clever idea to use a hole puncher to make an extra belt hole. It was not.

Hole Puncher Mistake

Walter Black.

Walter Black

Heeere’s kitty!

Heeeres Kitty!

Someone posted this above our copier at work today… now we wait.

Copier Prank

It’s an Australian thing.

It's an Australian thing.

Shanghai Movie Theater accidentally used a photo-shopped fan-made photo as the official poster for Thor 2.

Funny Thor 2 Poster

You’re not going to make it.

You’re not going to make it

What did you just call me?

What did you just call me?

Ring Bell for Service!

Ring Bell for Service!!