Funny Pictures – March 23, 2015

And now we wait.

Jesus Turns Water to Wine

The Laundromat Cafe in Reykjavik my kind of place.

Laundromat Cafe, Reykjavik

Florida wins again!

Florida Wins

How I spend my money as an adult.

How I Spend Money



Spotted this winner on the street in NYC.

Smashed Up Cheaters Car

Always give 100%.

Always give 100%

Anti-vaxxers in a nutshell.

Anti-Vaxxers in a nutshell

Landed in India to see Swagger.. now Banned.

Landed in India to see Swagger.. now Banned



Some dogs are dreamers.

Some dogs are dreamers

Is this real life or is this just fawn-tasy?

When the acid wears off

Apparently all of my ex-girlfriends decided to move in together.

Ex-girlfriends have moved in together

10…24…who’s counting?

10...24...who's counting?

For those girls that walk around campus with Starbucks complaining about their boyfriends.

Complaining about their boyfriends

It’s always the one you’d least expect…

It's always the one you'd least expect...

Don’t let go!!!

Don't let go!!!



It gets a little big, he only comes once a year…

Comes once a year

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