Funny Pictures – March 26, 2015

Ad agency Moroch have designed french fry gloves for McDonald’s.

French Fry Gloves

The whiteboard at my gym.

Funny Gym Whiteboard

Giraffe Evolution

Giraffe Evolution

This guy was driving around my hometown and cut me off… Gets my vote for favorite vanity plate.

Funny Vanity Plate

Who’s the burger now?

Who's the burger now?

Can I Come In? Yeah, Just Take Off Your Shoes.

Can I Come In

What could possibly go wrong?

Nuclear Power Plant & Spider Farm

Meanwhile… In Canada.

Meanwhile... In Canada

Damn you and your trickery!

Free Wi-Fi Cold Beer Sign

I think the correct term is ‘little pickles’.

Little Pickles

Hotel’s run by pirates.

Pirate Hotel

On a pack of chopsticks…

Funny Chopstick Instructions

Hay DJ squash that shiz!

Hay DJ squash that shiz!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the beach…

Jumping Gay Walrus

Old School Bagel Shop.

Old School Bagel Shop

I wonder if I should get a cutout of a horse to put in my window in order to confuse people who drive by.

Horse Cutout

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