Funny Pictures – March 27, 2015

Motorcycle expectations vs. reality

Motorcycle expectations vs. reality

Hipsters Soap

Soap for Hipsters

Fabulous ingredients, Fabulous pizza.

Fabulous Pizza

I’m not sure where this guy is going, but I want to follow!

I want to follow this guy



Serving Suggestion.

Serving Suggestion

My friend traveled to India. She posted a photo this morning with the caption: “It’s going well”.

Spider Roll

What matters most in life…

What matters most in life...

I can clean both sides of the window at once!

Cleaning Windows

Butt pug.

Butt pug

So my friend works at the Oktoberfest.

So my friend works at the Oktoberfest

The Celebrity Stealthie

Celebrity Stealthie

You will never leave the house drunk again.

Never leave the house drunk

Craigslist ads be like.

Craigslist ads be like

Now I feel safe

Now I feel safe

This picture should be in the dictionary under Envy.

This picture should be in the dictionary under Envy

Welcome back.

Welcome back

As a husband, I find this both insulting and brilliant.

Funny Pub Sign

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