Funny Pictures – March 31, 2015

This Strip Club near the Houston airport has managed to successfully pull off the elusive Triple Entendre.

Triple Entendre

Went to the park today, saw this.

Smoking Fish

My whole life is a lie.

My whole life is a lie

Making a grocery list after watching the Food Network all weekend is hard.

Grocery List

Found Jimmy Fallon’s Turkish ancestor.

Found Jimmy Fallon's Turkish ancestor

I need to find a relationship as strong as those support strings.

Don’t know why I’m famous

I am done asking my roommate what his deal is.

Shopping Cart Bedroom

Urban Camouflage of Milwaukee, WI.

Urban Camouflage

404 wheels not found.

404 wheels not found

Naughty Harry Potter.

Naughty Harry Potter


I have an enormous favor to ask youvia

Naturally-occurring frosted shredded wheat.

Frosted shredded wheat

Found in my break room.

Found in my break room

What a cock.

What a cock

Would you call that a moosedemeanor?


Welcome to Small Town, USA.

Funny Dog Sign

“The rivers shall flow red with the sauce of my enemies.”
-Unknown chef. Late 1500’s

Sauce of my enemies

Saw this dude on my way to work this morning. Would definitely hire.

The British are plumbing

Hillbilly level 9.

Hillbilly level 9

It’s Cold Out, Wear A Cat

It is cold out, Wear a Cat

“He stabbed me!”

"He stabbed me!"

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