Funny Pictures – May 14, 2015

My states police FB page posted this picture taken by a speeding camera. Bird Bro saves the day!

Bird foils police speed camera

It rubs the catnip on its skin…

Ugly Cat with Makeup

Now that’s how you do a Pacifier!

Funny Pacifier

Starbucks logo and the first draft.

Starbucks logo and the first draft.

Oh The Irony

Truck stuck under bridge

And another classic.

Halfords lorry crash into bridge

I must be hungry, these puppies look like fried chicken.

Fried Chicken Puppies - KFD

My architect sucks.

My architect sucks.

Luckily they took a pic so it could be preserved.

Fruit truck creates jam

Oh you guys..

Man in boxers brief chase

My favorite pear of socks.

My favorite pear of socks.

A man walking his TV screaming that his wife “doesn’t need to watch her f*cking TV show!”

Man dragging TV down the street.

Fallon delivered.

Funny Game of Thrones

Every time I come home I feel like I’m going to get stabbed …

Crazy Stabbing Robot Futurama