Funny Street Photography by Niels Jorgensen

The most important thing in street photography – is to be observant and a little roguish – so says Niels Jorgensen – photographer, who became known for his interesting street photography, get a lot of prestigious awards. We have chosen for you, in our opinion, the most original of his work, which guarantee to make you smile. Watch funny pictures of street by Niels Jorgensen.


1. Although Niels Jorgensen photojournalist working in the British press, at home it is considered eccentric and creative master of street photography. (Photo: Nils Jorgensen).



2. Niels interested in photography began as a child. His father was an amateur photographer and all the knowledge shared with his son. While still in school, Niels “dragged through the streets” during peremenok and photographed everything that is possible, without any plan. This was, according to the photographer, the beginning of his “adventures with street photography.” (Photo: Nils Jorgensen).



3. After high school, Niels Jorgensen entered the West Surrey College of Art and Design, but after a while he dropped out. “Despite this, I have learned a lot then. Classes in a dark room and a library were fantastic, I took so many pictures of the books on the library as much as possible. “(Photo: Nils Jorgensen).



4. An important moment in the life of Niels Jorgensen became the day when he came into the office Associated Press in London and persuaded the legendary German press photographer Horst Faas – winner of two Pulitzer Prizes – take it to work as a photojournalist to cover the events in East Africa. (Photo: Nils Jorgensen).



5. “I do not live with street photography and could not even get on it” – explains the photographer. “I am concerned only with the opportunity to take photos in accordance with my own ideas and work of photojournalist allows me to finance the habit, which I possessed.” (Photo: Nils Jorgensen).



6. “In street photography to be trickster” – said Niels Jørgensen and adds that “most interesting photos – it is a happy occasion, but this happiness is possible and earn.” (Photo: Nils Jorgensen).



7. “Making a song, I follow their feelings and try to find that the only good time.” (Photo: Nils Jorgensen).



8. “Everything is in constant motion until the moment when doing a click and then everything stops, and the only way you can control it. The only thing that you can, it’s a picture at the right moment. It is in street photography is the most important for me, otherwise, I would have become a studio photographer. ” (Photo: Nils Jorgensen).



9. According to the photographer, street photography – it is very exciting and interesting to do, but many people do not have the courage to start taking pictures of strangers who are afraid of being accused of violating privacy. (Photo: Nils Jorgensen).



10. Niels many times detained by the police for shooting people on the street, but never let go, because photographing someone in public places in England do not have to have the permission of that person. (Photo: Nils Jorgensen).



11. “If you want to do street photography, you have to be his eyes and on his head, because you never know when you see something interesting,” – advises photographer. (Photo: Nils Jorgensen).



12. “It’s the case? For me, such a thing does not exist, “- says Nils Jorgensen. “Wherever I go, I always check whether taken with a camera, and when I see something interesting, I concentrate only on this, the rest of the world ceases to exist for me.” (Photo: Nils Jorgensen).



13. Other very interesting and funny street photography Niels Jorgensen can be viewed on his website – (Photo: Nils Jorgensen).



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23. (Photo: Nils Jorgensen).

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