Fyodor Konyukhov Completed The Journey Across The Pacific.

Russian traveler Fyodor Konyukhov completed a single voyage, which lasted 160 days, the Pacific Ocean in a rowboat “Turgoyak.” check out…
Fyodor Konyukhov completed the journey across the Pacific. Grooms journey
Today, May 31, navigator reached the shores of Australia, moored in the port of Mooloolaba (Queensland) around 13 pm local time.According to the International Ocean Rowing Society, Grooms showed the best result we had sailed the Pacific Ocean for 160 days.
previous record set in a rowboat English explorer Jim Shekdar in 2001 reached from Peru to Australia for 273 days.

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Originally planned to cross the traveler rowed the Pacific Ocean for 200 days. For passing 6500 miles of the famous explorer had to make 4.5 million strokes, working 11 hours a day.
However, on the fourth day oar trip 9-meter boat “Turgoyak”, named in honor of the South Ural lakes, out of order. Working on solar panels onboard battery stops charging. The traveler had to interrupt swimming in the port of Concon.
Reactivate your way to Australia only managed Konjuhovu December 22, after replacing the lithium battery on the gel.
misadventures traveler This is not over. Halfway Konjuhovu met dangerous archipelagos, and then caught the storm navigator. North wind bore a rowboat to the Tuamotu Islands. After experiencing one element, Grooms almost became a victim of the other: in a few days to two miles from the boat flew a giant tornado miraculously zadevshy navigator. Thereafter, for a rowing boat two days chasing 1,5-ean shark.
On the 131st day of solitary swimming Grooms moved by the will of the wind in the opposite direction from the course. Upset shrunken sailor tried to save the boat bird. However, land guest seasick, resulting bird died without waiting arrival on the island.
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“The Earth is not yet very hard,” – said stepped ashore Grooms corr. His first steps were actually slightly insecure, but just a few moments, he was able to walk unaided.
After a triumphant finish, when asked about future plans, Grooms said that planned to make a nonstop flight around the earth in a balloon.He intends to start in Australia to fly from west to east roughly along the 40th latitude and finish again in Australia. However, the traveler refused to say when this might happen. “I have over 40 years of travel – Grooms recalled. – I used to do it mainly for scientific purposes and for fun, but now I think the younger generation who want to instill the spirit of romance. I want more people to dream.”
Asked about the difficulties during the journey, Grooms said, “At first it was hard, and then even harder.” “The main difficulty of precisely this kind of test is its monotony, – continued the story traveler. – Every day I tried to paddle for 18 hours, slept for 20-25 minutes, but not more than two and a half hours a day. – On the other hand, I walked with God’s help – all the biggest hurricanes passed me, the boat never turned over, helped me passing flow.

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