G Brad Lewis photographs volcanic eruptions in Hawaii

G Brad Lewis photographs volcanic eruptions in Hawaii

1. G Brad Lewis, known as Volcano Man, photographed his friend Bern standing in front of exploding lava at the edge of Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii. Brad says: “Bern has hot lava literally landing at his feet. It is as hot as one can stand to be next to, and it and burns any exposed skin – but the images are just so cool.”

2. Brad, 54, who has been photographing the Kilauea Volcano, the most active on earth, for over 20 years, said:”It’s such stunningly beautiful, powerful force. Being near an eruption is an awesome experience.You are never quite the same after seeing flowing lava.”

3. “I always wear a helmet and gloves, and carry a respirator. Being upwind from the poisonous fumes is bad for the body and the equipment. The caustic conditions can fry a camera instantly.”

4. Brad, who lives in Hawaii, has put himself in many death defying situations, in order to capture nature at its most spectacular. “If anything went wrong it would end in death, and I have melted many boot soles and tripod legs.

5. “I have lost a few friends to the volcano. One photographer was too mesmerised to act when the bench of land he was on fell into the ocean – exploding hundreds of feet of lava.”

6. Brad said: “I am usually alone on the volcano, but I thought it would be good to include some people so others realised just how close I get.”

7. Lava meets the Pacific Ocean, after flowing seven miles downhill from a vent of Kilauea Volcano

8. Halemaumau vent, with the Milky Way overhead

9. People stand near exploding lava on Kilauea Volcano

10. Halemaumau vent glows at night

11. Spatter cones inside Pu’u O’o vent on Kilauea Volcano

12. Spatter cones inside Pu’u O’o vent on Kilauea Volcano

13. Halemaumau vent with glowing lava lake, and Mauna Loa in the distance

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