Games With The Moon

I love Moon… but Have you ever played with the moon? Maybe catch her in the net or threw up, like a volleyball ball? No? Then we offer you to see how others do it.

Games with the Moon (1)

These photos are by amateur astronomer who became a photographer, Laurent Lavedera, you will see here how people play with the moon.

Games with the Moon (2)

“It is important to think everything through in advance, because in reality, the moon rises so quickly that you only have one chance to get exactly the picture you want.”

Games with the Moon (3)

Matthew Tensorer “holds” the moon, like a ball.

Games with the Moon (4)

“Most of the shots were done at night under a full moon, the rest – at dawn, when the moon was sitting up, and the sunwas rising. “

Games with the Moon (5)

Basketball player Matthew Tensorer ready to throw.

Games with the Moon (6)

The halo effect.

Games with the Moon (7)

The moon as a lamp.

Games with the Moon (8)

“Before every shot, we think through and sometimes even make sketches of the future picture.”

Games with the Moon (9)

“This idea came to us with Sabina  five years ago, and since we are playing with the moon” – said byLaurent.

Games with the Moon (10)

To create these pictures my friend Sabina helped him, who also posed with pleasure in many photos.

Games with the Moon (11)

And this is a professional basketball player Matthew Tensorer decided to take the moon in basketball .

Games with the Moon (12)

In this photographs – childrens playing volleyball in the moonlight.

Games with the Moon (13)

Combining a love for astronomy and photography, Physics Graduate Laurent created this collection of photographs titled “Moon game.”


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